Jennifer C. Nagode MD., PhD

Compassionately serving the mental health needs of San Diego, CA

Are you tired of dealing with the same frustrations when it comes to finding a therapist who has your best interests in mind? Jennifer Nagode is committed to ensuring that your mental health is her top priority. She can help you with your psychiatric needs including anxiety, depression, addiction or personality disorders in San Diego, CA. Whether you are looking for medication management or counseling, Jennifer Nagode can help. Her direct pay/cash model takes the hassle out of the insurance game and allows for a completely customized treatment plan.

Helping You Navigate Your Well Being in San Diego, CA

Dr. Nagode is passionate about helping people recover from addictions, overcome depression, PTSD, anxiety and more. Because of this, she offers flexible appointment times and lengths. If you're tired of feeling like a doctor doesn't have the time to adequately address your issues, call Dr. Nagode. Aside from addressing your psychiatric mental health concerns, she can help you navigate your other medical needs such as medications and other doctor's treatments. If you feel like you've lost yourself in your medical treatments, have Dr. Jennifer Nagode on your side. Call today 619-618-1282.

Flexible Appointment Times & Lengths

Board Certified in Psychiatry

24/7 Direct Access to the Doctor

Effectively Combining Medicine & Psychotherapy

Certified to Prescribe Suboxone

Member of American Psychiatric Association

Member Of American Medical Association

PhD in Neuroscience

Council Member San Diego Psychiatric Society

Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSD



24/7 direct access to the psychiatrist


Help with navigating the confusing medical environment and managing multiple doctors.


Immediate appointments available, with times much longer than the average appointment window


Tailored treatments to address your specific mental health