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I've been seeing Dr. Nagode now for a year and a half to help get my ADD under control. She is very laid back and suits my personality very well. She has helped me think of new ways of managing my time to help change bad habits and combined with medication, I am in a better place now. I would recommend her if you are looking for a no frills doctor that will listen to you and not afraid to offer her own views...since that is why I see her to begin with.

C. S.

5 Stars

My thoughts address the usefulness Dr. Nagode has been for me. As a social worker, I often need to think about or refer one I am working with. I have done this with Dr. Nagode for several years. She is reliable, accurate, clear, on point and helpful.

Paul F. Koprowski

5 Stars

Dr Nagode is a very passionate and kind Dr. She has helped me through a lot if my anxiety issues. She is available pretty much all the time for any issues or questions I have. I'm so glad that I found her she truly gives you that one on one treatment that you need.


5 Stars